Can we do something fun together?

With my readership and rankings continuing to grow, especially on key social media channels like Instagram, I am open to product reviews, press trips, advertising, and other types of collaboration. My audience’s interests align with mine: unique and beautiful California travel destinations and bucket list destinations, as well as “adventure” gear, travel and recommendations, from ski socks to tubing through the Central American jungle. I also preach the values of taking time for yourself without quitting your day job, whether that’s through vacations, trying new wine, or just a walk in the woods here and there.

I’ve contributed on sites like, The Daily Mail, and more. I’ve also been working in travel tourism and marketing for the better part of a decade, and know how to help promote businesses and products organically and honestly.  Companies I’ve worked with recently include Lola Kane, Klymit, and RandMcNally.

What’s it cost my company?

Quick answer: nothing. To discuss sponsorship and opportunities,  please email me at, or use the contract for found on the contact page. Know that most sponsorship opportunities include some degree of discounted or complimentary services or products, but that I never do “pay to play” or financial trades for any coverage. (Bottom line: it doesn’t cost you anything!)

What can HikeUpYourSkirt do for my business?

Social Media Promotion:  With more than 20,000 followers across my social media channels, I can help create demand and content for your business. I only promote and share products I like, so my followers know if it comes from me, it’s worth doing.

Press trips: I love, love, LOVE press trips and am always excited about new ones! I’m particularly drawn to areas with outdoor or active things to do, from educational wine tours in nearby Napa to yurt-to-yurt snowshoe tours in Vermont. For an example of a post following a trip, check out my recent post on Belize’s Black Rock Lodge.

Gear reviews: Have some sweet new product or an awesome app everyone should be using? Let me know, as I feature all kinds of lifestyle and product info on the blog and my various channels.

My favorite beanie came from a sponsor, and I wear it all the time now!

My favorite beanie came from a sponsor, and I wear it all the time now!

I often travel with my boyfriend and really enjoy activities groups can do together to get a taste of local cultures and adventures, including festivals, outdoor adventures in natural landscapes, and off-the-beaten path stops and things-to-do. I recently enjoy a Cacao making class in Central America and love helping destinations get put on the map. For clients with smaller budgets or partnerships, days and activities can be added on to trips I’m already taking, as I travel for pleasure and experiences, not to make money.

During the trip, I will post frequent updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After returning comes the blog posts, Pinterest graphics and promotion, and of course, sharing of high res photos and content to use for any marketing purpose you see fit; no attribution or credit needed.

Does my audience match yours?
  • My audience is made of the people who enjoy travel and adventure sports: 59% male, 41% female 
  • They’re based in countries where people spend more on travel: 62% northern America (next top countries: Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia)
  • They have easy access to international airports and outdoor things to do: Top cities: NYC, LA, Denver, SF, London, Boulder
  • They’re peak millennials: the average age of my follower is 27
  • On Instagram alone, I average 687 likes per day, and more than 15% off my followers have 5k-10k followers themselves, suggesting my posts help influence influencers.

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